Neutral emissions

CO2 Offsetting

Climate change is a global problem, as CO2 emissions generated in one specific place will affect all the planet.

We know that our activity generates emissions and we have decided to act.

We do the necessary to reduce our emissions and, all that we can't reduce, is offset with the program Eco-Logistics.

No carbon footprint


Thanks to Green Summun and their program Eco-Logistics, we calculate and offset our emissions.

We offset with projects that are certified The Gold Standard, organization founded by WWF, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) y other NGOs.


Sustainability Policy

Fully aware of the impact that climate change has over the environment, the society and the economy; the management of Frío Guerrero, S.L. is compromised with the sustainable development and the fight against global warming. We set the following goals:

  • Commitment to reduce and offset the emissions of GHG gases of our fleet.
  • Preserve the energetic and natural resources, using them with the maximum efficiency to develop the work.
  • Minimize the generation of waste and sewage, through reduction, reuse and recycling systems.

Frío Guerrero, S.L. will increase progressively the offset quantity, for the year 2018 will be compensated 30%, reaching the 100% of offset emissions in 2030.